Friday, June 3, 2011

Columbus Zoo, Part Two

In January, Andrew and I decided to check out the Columbus Zoo. Barely dressed for the 20 degree weather, we were popsicles by the end of it and missed a lot of exhibits due to the cold and our quick pace through the zoo. So we decided to try again over Memorial day weekend. We went Friday hoping we would avoid some of the weekend crowds since the school kiddos would still be in school. We failed to remember about field trips, oops...

So, we didn't avoid the uber crowds of children, but it wasn't horrible.

The zoo is split into continents, with native animals in their "home" areas. I only took a picture of the North America sign. The others were more exciting.

These Mexican wolves were posing for my camera and it blew my mind that my dog is at least 3 inches taller than these guys at the shoulder.

Still in North America, for you non-geography savvy people. This was our favorite section last time, the two polar bears were swimming, jumping on their barrels and putting on a great show. We were hoping for an encore.

And they were sleeping. They must still have been tired from last time : ) Or it could have been the ridiculous humidity that day. They went into stay cool mode. We instead, watched the Brown bears who were now awake.
And tigers.
Real and bronze statue alike.

As I said, we missed a lot of sections last time we were at the zoo. Asia and Australia included. Australia is my new favorite continent, due to being able to walk in and around the kangaroo! Kangaroos? Awesome!
And the opportunity to feed some birds. Lorikeets to be exact. Imagine me, excited and squeeling at the idea of feeding birds, Andrew scrounged up the $2 for a cup of nectar for these pretty birdies.
There are a few pictures with my face in them, but due to the overall squeeling and humidity doing numbers on my hair, I'm choosing not to show them. By the way, Andrew is responsible for these pictures.

Can't forget the Okapi. We finished the zoo with the reptile house, which was packed with kids and we practically ran through it. It was almost noon and the afternoon crowd of moms and their broods were showing up and the field trip kids were getting hungrier and ruder by the minute. We decided to head out.

Next zoo trip will either be the Cincinnati or Toledo Zoo.

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