Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Columbus Zoo

Saturday we decided to spend some time at the Columbus Zoo. After spending an hour driving around the city to find the exit.
(Note for travelers from Dayton, it's 270 North. Not South.)

Once we got there, we realized we were going to be cold. For some reason we thought we'd be inside most of the time. We were not prepared. We got a lot of stares from families that looked dressed enough to go to the Arctic.

But, we saw a Moose!!!
And really active Polar Bears. They were so much fun to watch. The zoo had a really nice set up, where you can watch them from upstairs(and outside in the freezing cold)
Or from under(inside, with heat)
Andrew and I were the only ones down there for about 10 minutes and we enjoyed the underwater show.

But, some very(VERY) loud children and their parents came down and we had to get out of there before I started to discipline their children. *

Cutest little Arctic Foxes and two gigantice Brown Bears
We aren't sure about Ohio and these tubes, but we never saw them in Minnesota.
Andrew's graceful exit.

Does Andrew look a little cold. And the sign in the background? That's what we call irony. Since, the only danger would be from licking the Manatee and getting your tongue stuck.
All in all, it was a fun, but cold trip.

*Disclaimer, don't worry, I would never discipline another persons child in public. But, I will complain about it as I walk away : ) I was never allowed to shout at the zoo, indoor voices people.

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