Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Introducing My New Blog

For some reason I felt compelled to make an new blog, different from this one. Where I feel this blog is more personal: our day-to-day lives, pictures and musings of me.

I started a blog called Hattie's Homemade and like the title says I'm going to feature anything and everything homemade by me.

I love to cook and especially bake, so I'll have recipes I try and like. I'm starting to act more on my craftiness with scrapbooking and even some embroidery projects so you'll see some of that too.
There will be a lot of around-the-home projects and DIY things as well, most of which Andrew will get the credit and I'll take the pictures.
It's just starting, so there isn't too much meat in my posts yet but stay tuned and hopefully my projects will turn out well.

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