Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 3: Ghost Hunters

Day 3: The Cast of Your Favorite Show
Ok, it's not a complete cast photo. We're missing Steve and Tango. But you get the idea. I haven't been watching GH this last season since we don't have cable.
Ghost Hunters night became party night while Andrew was away at BMT and AIT. We'd make pizza(a delicious gouda and spinach pizza), eat jalepeno popper dip. Brie with crackers and apples. Gin and tonic when it was hot. Which, last summer, it usually was.
As much as I was missing Andrew at the time, Wednesday nights were a Godsend.
When and if we ever get cable again, Andrew and I will be fighting over Wednesday nights. Andrew will want Mythbusters and I'll want Ghost Hunters.

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