Monday, January 24, 2011

Life, Lessons...Antiquing

I've been stressed to the max these past couple days. Hopefully I'll be able to share with some good news soon. I'm pretty sure my hair is falling out in not so small patches.
Me and Andrew have been filling our empty weekends with some harmless antique shopping. Who knew Ohio had so much to offer people that love old junk.

Yesterday we went to an awesome store in Tipp City, Oh. It had a nice mixture of antique furniture, primitive decor and other little things. We almost finished the first floor when I saw this painting and gasped...Yes, I actually gasped. I freaked out a little more when I saw it was only $25. I grabbed it off the floor and new it was perfect for me.
My picture doesn't do it justice, the clouds are so well blended that you feel as if you are standing at the foot of that hill watching the storm come in. And I don't like art that doesn't make you feel as if you're in it.

Last weekend, we found this purrty thing. A wash basin and pitcher, stamped England 1890 for $30. Perfect condition. This will be perfect for flowers in the spring and just sitting pretty all by itself.

Oh, did I mention? With a little research we found out our new wonderful piece of art is done by a somewhat well-known artist. Recognized by his barn scenes and is estimated at $500-$1300 at auction. I'd say that's a good pick. Even though I'd never sell it.

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