Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's a New Year

So, once a year, every year people around the world make these so-called resolutions. We look at the past year of our life and wondered why we didn't do something, did something we shouldn't have or somehow felt we missed an opportunity.

Sometimes, I hate this time of year. Conversations revolving around, "What's your New Year's resolution?" And people answering while considering last years regrets.

Well, guess what? I have no regrets, no forgotten resolutions and I've haven't wondered why I didn't do something or why I did.
Of course, this next year I'll work out more, eat healthier and get straight A's in my courses but I think more importantly we should look back at my blessings and adventure's I'm lucky to have and to recognize that just because I didn't lose 15 pounds doesn't mean my year was a waste.

  • Wrote more than 100 letters to Andrew while he was away
  • I felt the connection and love of being his rock
  • I felt the love and power of him being my rock
  • I married my best friend
  • I took a road-trip, by myself, for a grand total of 3,572 miles
  • Took a vacation with my husband and appreciated every minute together
  • Embraced moving to Ohio, a state I'd never even seen
  • I never let an adventure pass us up

So try this year to remember your goals or resolutions but don't forget that you can't plan life. Have fun, stress a little less, enjoy your best friend.

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