Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

I know I said I was making a new blog. Not ignoring my old one. : )
I've been super busy this last week. Andrew and me discovered that bowling is really, really fun. And it's even funner(yeah, I just said funner) when it's three games for $5 on Wednesdays. Talk about cheap entertainment. So, my whole right side is sore from WINNING. That's right folks, I won.
Not only did I win, I won with three strikes in a row!

Count it, one, two, three!!!

Did I tell you, over Christmas we bought ourselves a pretty new lens for my Nikon. A wide angle. My lens collection is almost complete!

So, pictures I take like this:
Can look better. Or at least wider. : )
I'll try to take some pictures of the crazy mess I bowl next Wednesday.
And, if the weather behaves we might go to the zoo this weekend!

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