Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ancient Aliens in Ohio

So, when you're watching Friday night television, speficially Ancient Aliens and they're talking about a site they think was built by aliens in Ohio and you realize you live in Ohio and this thing is only 40 miles down the road, what do you do?
Well, if you're us. You go straight there the next day.
I give you Serpent Mound in Adams County Ohio. And ancient mound built by unknown people. The magazine they gave us at the welcome center says Serpent Mound is the "largest surviving example of prehistoric effigy mound in the world." I'm taking their word for it.

Serpent Mound isn't a burial mound, but this Adena mound just off the parking lot is one of the Native American burial mounds.
Andrew squinting in the sun.

This site also lines up with some cool astrological things. Including, according to the show, ancient alignment to the constallation Draconis.

It's hard to see but Serpent Mound is a huge mound shaped like a snake, it's tail coils on one end and it's mouth opens around an egg-shaped thing on the other.

Here is it's tail.

I doubt very much this site was built my aliens, and I think it's kind of an insult that the show implied that humans weren't capable of building this. There is no evidence of who or what culture built this site, but the conical burial mounds(first picture) are dated back to 800 BC. Which I think is pretty awesome. It's a completely different kind of history at this site and we have no idea who made it. I'm really glad we went to see it.

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  1. i saw ufos in the sky.. creepy...but was in awe.. we called airport to see if it was a weather balloon..nope it was not...shiny spinner spun off in a blink of an eye...but it hovered for a while