Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Great Smoky Mountains

Andrew and I just got back from a weekend away with his parents. We went down to the Smoky Mountains and we had a really good time.
This is the view we woke up to on Sunday morning. I'll post more pictures of the beautiful cabin we rented in another post. There will also be more pretty sunrise pictures. Sunday morning, Andrew and I also made whole wheat waffles and eggs for breakfast, yummy!

There were several things we wanted to do. First up was hiking up to Grotto Falls, so Andrew's parents could see this wonderful place. We got there early and there was no one on the 1.4 mile trail.
A few seconds after this picture was taken, as I went over to join Andrew for a picture, I fell. Hard. I managed to get my foot stuck under a rock and fell onto another rock with my knee. It hurt so bad! I've got a nice scrape, huge bruise across my knee and a lot of pain when I walk up or down stairs. Remember the last time I fell in GSMNP? Well, I managed to fall on the same trail and injure the same leg. I'm a clutz, and apparently wearing my hiking boots doesn't make a difference for me.

After maybe five, ten...ok probably fifteen minutes of clutching my leg and rocking back and forth from the nauseating pain I got up and we walked the 1.4 miles back down to the car. Walking down slopes on my knee hurt a lot.
We also drove around Cades Cove again, this time I took a picture of this cute Baptist Church.
I also got some cool shots with my wide angle. I'm really loving that thing for landscapes! I managed to hobble around the rest of the day and we saw other cool things too, but I don't want to crowd it all in one post.

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