Friday, August 19, 2011

The Miracle of Plants

We had a storm blow in last week. It really blew in, there were ten minutes of very intense wind. We even went outside to watch the trees and take our flag off the pole. As we were out there, there was a huge crack and down came our ten foot sunflower. It hadn't even blossomed yet. I was so sad.
Cut to a week later, we haven't moved it and we notice some blossoms starting to form and one bud opening!
Our sunflower is grasping life by this one section still in the ground.

The super sunflower also has a lot of buds on it. I've never seen a sunflower like this, it wasn't even supposed to be a giant sunflower. It just sort of turned into one.

Speaking of plant miracles. There is nothing like breakfast topped with fresh cherry tomatoes from your garden. yum.

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  1. Poor sunflower, I hope it can hold on! I love them. I want them covering my yard. haha