Friday, August 5, 2011

Garage Sale Art

Two posts in one day! wow. I know, but I just couldn't wait to show off our newest piece of artwork. Driving down the road to our nearest Blockbuster to return some movies we saw a garage sale sign by this huge barn. We've noticed this barn and several cool objects around the yard before. Things like dirt bikes and antique buggies. We thought it might be kind of fun to stop and take a look. I had seen a huge painting from the road as Andrew did an illegal u-turn to get us back. It turned out the painting was pretty awesome up close as well as from the road.

It was marked $20, and we had to run to the store to get cash (this was a spur of the moment stop) and asked the gentleman to hold it. He happily obliged. We returned with our fresh $20 from the ATM and I sought out the man. We walked to the painting and he leaned over and said, "that was marked $18, right?" Right away Andrew and I told him that it was marked $20. He gave us this look like we were idiots. He started to laugh and said that this was a garage sale and we had to barter. We were both too dumbstruck to do much other than laugh.

But, we got the painting for $18. Well worth it, and I would have paid $30. I guess I'm not used to trying to sell people short : )
The artist name looks like Antonio with a frame that says "hecho en Mexico" (Made in Mexico). I'll have to do some research and see if it's anyone cool.


  1. Hi, yesterday- I pulled a oil painting by this artist out of someones trash can. It was placed in their trash can , set out for pick up on the curb . I was walking & saw it & rushed to pull it out ...needless to say it is now hanging in my living room. It's absolutely lovely , I can't fathom why anyone would throw art , out ...their trash, my treasure. Anyway were you able to find info about , Antonio?

  2. I haven't found any info on Antonio. I posted on an art forum, which I think you did too : )
    I have no idea why people would get rid of such wonderful art. You're so lucky you got it free!
    I've been inspired to do more research, if I find out anything I will make a post for it. Check back : )