Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No Heat Curls

No heat curls are spreading around the internet like a virus. Since I hate using heat on my hair during the summer, who doesn't? I thought I'd give these a try. I did some research and found this video tutorial of No Heat Curls.

The first night I tried it, uh, it didn't work out. I have a very sensitive head and the headband was killing me. After only about an hour I took it out, but already noticed really pretty curls.

Day 2, I washed and dried my hair and followed the directions in the tutorial. Ignoring the "leave it in overnight" part.
Goofy look #1

Goofy look #2. I know there's a line on my head. I'm trying to be realistic here.

After some fluffing, puffing and a whole lot of weird pictures, my hair looked really pretty. And by gosh, there were actually curls.

I left the band in for 2 hours in the afternoon and the line in my forehead took about an hour to get rid of... So, plan accordingly. I am going to try these again soon in the morning and leave them in all day.

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