Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Look

Things are changing 'round here. I'm sitting by the computer with my hair full of dye waiting for 25 minutes to pass.

My hair will still be blond after the process. My hair has just been feeling sad and crackly this summer so I decided to just dye it the same blond. It always feels more conditioned after I dye it. Probably making hair professionals around the world cringe right now. It is way to early to dye my hair darker. I have to wait until the end of September for that. Keep and eye out for Hattie's hair color changes, coming this fall! I'm thinking of trying red again, since the red I did last fall sucked. I want to get the red I had maybe 4 years ago. Perfect red with hints of brown.

Enough about my hair.

I also changed the blog a bit. I was getting tired of the old, blogger standard. So, I sought help from those wonderful people over at Shabby Blogs and found a pretty background. Then made a header out of one my pictures.

It's really green, but I'm feeling it. Green is my favorite color after all.

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