Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Harry Potter Souvenirs

Finally getting around to posting pictures of the things we bought at the Harry Potter Exhibition. Because, you know we bought stuff. It was hard to limit ourselves and only buy a few things rather than leave the store with a bunch of Noble Collection wands. But, I figured I already have Harry's wand that I could wait to order more.

Of course, I wanted a mug. I didn't just buy a mug, I bought a magic mug!

That's right folks! The Maruader's Map shows up as I fill it with hot water! That's right folks! I'm a dork!

Since we couldn't take pictures inside we decided to buy an official program so we can look back in the years to come and remember all the cool things we saw in person.

Oh, and we also bought a tiny Hedwig. It has a hoop on top, so I think I'll make it into a Christmas ornament.

Sorry all the pictures kind of suck today. It's early morning and the light in the house is not optimal and I didn't want to wait : )

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  1. I love that mug! I totally would buy that if I ever saw it.