Thursday, August 4, 2011

New York City, Day 2

Our Harry Potter Exhibit tickets were for Saturday at 9:30am, we woke up pretty early and ate our hotel provided muffins and espresso and decided to head over early. We hoped they might let us in earlier than our slot and we'd get in at 9 when they opened. We were lucky, they let us in right away and we were in the first group of people to go through the exhibit. No pictures were allowed and we, unlike some, obeyed the rules.

It took about an hour and a half to walk through, the gift shop took the longest. They had a huge range of things from wardrobes, props and interactive things. You were able to pull a mandrake out of a pot and sit in Hagrids chair. Seeing all the detail in every little thing was amazing. I could have probably spent hours there if I was allowed to take pictures. I can see why they don't want everyone trying to get a hundred photos.
After we went through the gift shop and bought some stuff, we dropped our stuff at the hotel and hopped on the subway down to South Ferry, Battery Park. Where we knew we'd be able to see the Statue of Liberty with my telephoto and not have to pay for a harbor tour or water taxi.

When we go back we'll probably take a Liberty Island/Ellis Island tour and get up close to the history.

We ate lunch on a park bench overlooking waterfountains and Lady Liberty in the background. We shared a hot dog and cheddar cheese pretzel from a street vendor. It was pretty yummy and it was fun to sit and watch people just enjoying their afternoon.

After that we walked up the block to the financial district to see the Charging bull and Trinity church. Pictures of the bull sucked because it was so busy. But the cemetery and grounds of Trinity church wasn't busy at all.

One of the new WTC towers being built.
It sits right across from St. Paul's Chapel. Which has been turned into something of a memorial. They have pictures of what the cemetery looked like after the attacks, it was something. It took 3 years for it to get cleaned up and reopen to the public.

We headed back to the hotel and rested for a bit and got ready for the night. Which, due to the volume of pictures needs to have a different post.

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